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Nashville Breast Lift

A breast lift in Nashville is a plastic surgery procedure used to reduce breast sag and restore perkiness. Every woman’s breasts become looser and move lower with age. These processes almost always speed up dramatically after pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss.

Deflated drooping breasts can make a woman feel self-conscious. Dr. Alton Ingram can help you regain the breast shape you once had.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is an outpatient cosmetic procedure that lifts and increases the firmness of your breasts by removing excess skin and tightening your internal breast tissues. The procedure takes around 3 hours to complete and is performed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Ingram uses several techniques to lift your breasts. Some require just an incision around the nipple, while others will also need an anchor incision running below the nipple and under the breast in an inverted “T” pattern to remove excess skin and pull the breast upwards.

Because no two women are the same, and because asymmetry in breast size and shape is much more common than most people imagine, you and Dr. Ingram will have a thorough discussion of exactly what cosmetic goals you have with your breast lift operation.

After he has a clear understanding of what you want, Dr. Ingram and you will decide together which method of breast lift operation will give you the results you desire.

Breast lift surgery is one of the most individualized procedures that Dr. Alton Ingram performs. For some women, especially those who have lost volume after pregnancy, a simple breast augmentation can give them the fullness and the lift they want.

If augmentation is not quite enough for you, you and Dr. Ingram will discuss exactly the size and shape you want after surgery and will design an operation which gives you the firmness, roundness, fullness, and elevation that you have thought about for years.

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Your Breast Lift Consultation

During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Ingram will go over your medical history in detail, and he will perform a full examination of all of the areas you are interested in lifting, reducing, and tightening.

After this, you will tell him exactly what your priorities are, and together you and Dr. Ingram will come up with a personalized surgical plan that addresses all of your problem areas.

Before any “lifting” procedure (facelift, breast lift, tummy tuck), where your skin is raised and shifted surgically, you need to be sure that your skin gets all the oxygen it needs and that you are not at an increased risk of bleeding.

To ensure this, prior to surgery, you will need to avoid tobacco products – no smoking, vaping, or nicotine gum/patches – for one month before and after surgery. You will also need to avoid blood thinners and pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen for two weeks before and after surgery.

The Day of the Procedure

Breast lift procedures are typically performed at Dr. Ingram’s accredited outpatient surgery center in the Green Hills area of Nashville. The entire process from check in to returning home takes around 4-5 hours.

Our nursing and anesthesia staff will evaluate your overall health, as will Dr. Ingram. You and the doctor will go over your aesthetic goals again, along with the details of surgery and recovery, and then your incision sites will be precisely marked. The breast lift procedure will then be performed.

Healing After Your Breast Lift

Once your mastopexy procedure is complete, you will need to rest and recover. Your breasts will be wrapped in a gauze dressing. Drains will not be placed, since Dr. Ingram rarely uses them in these procedures.

Post-surgical swelling and bruising are normal parts of the recovery process and will fade in time. Wearing a supportive bra without underwire will help support the tissues as they heal. It will also control swelling. You will need to wear this type of bra for around two weeks.

Staying home from work will be necessary for a time. It will also be important to avoid physically taxing activities like exercise, heavy lifting, and sports for at least 2-4 weeks.

Once all swelling has disappeared, you will be able to see the full results of your breast lift surgery.

Breast LiftCost

Several aspects of the breast lift procedure affect its overall price. Cost varies from patient to patient based on the amount of tissue removed, the time needed to perform the surgery, the techniques utilized, and more.

Your breast lift will be performed by Dr. Alton E. Ingram, M.D. in the Toyos Clinic’s AAAASF-accredited surgery center located at Dr. Ingram’s Green Hills office in Nashville, TN.

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Your Nashville Breast Lift will be performed by Dr. Alton E. Ingram, M.D. in the Toyos Clinic's AAAASF-accredited surgery center located at Dr. Ingram's Green Hills office in Nashville, TN.

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I can not express how happy I am with Dr. Ingram and his staff. I had a breast lift and lipo 360 6 weeks ago, and I am actually excited about swimsuit season this year. I am in my upper 30’s and after having 2 children and breast feeding I just did not feel confident anymore. I had already made positive changes in my life and lost 30lbs, but just had those few areas that exercise was not going to improve. I have always hid in bigger cloths and slouched not trying to draw attention to the parts that gravity had destroyed, but now I can walk with my head high and feel good when I walk into a room. Dr. Ingram and his staff were always available if I had questions or concerns, and he even called me his self the night of my surgery to check on me. He really goes above and beyond for his patients to make sure your needs are met. Thank you Dr. Ingram and staff for all that you do and for allowing me to look forward to taking my children to the pool this year. I would recommend Dr. Ingram to everyone that may be looking into a procedure to make you FEEL like your best self.