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Breast Augmentation- The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Mar 21, 2023
Breast Augmentation Before and After by Dr. Alton Ingram Nashville TN
Dr. Alton Ingram discusses what to expect during your breast augmentation consultation and why breast augmentations are becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Nashville TN.

Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that has been increasing in popularity year after year. As a double-board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alton Ingram understands that the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery can be overwhelming for some women. That's why he and his team at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery in Nashville, TN, provide top-notch care and support throughout the entire process.

Breast augmentation is a versatile procedure that can enhance your breasts in many ways. It's not just about having larger breasts, but also about transforming their shape and quality. With this in mind, Dr. Ingram and his team have become experts at performing the most common breast enhancement procedures.

One of the reasons why breast augmentation is so popular is because it has the highest patient satisfaction and the lowest complication rate of all common cosmetic procedures. It can restore your breast fullness after weight loss or pregnancy, increase your breast size to balance your proportions, and increase the symmetry of your chest. In addition to improving your appearance, breast augmentation can also help improve your self-confidence and quality of life.

There are many different breast augmentation procedures, including breast implants, fat injections, and breast lifts. Most patients opt for the insertion of an implant behind the breast through a small incision. Dr. Ingram will work with you to determine which technique and placement will best achieve your desired results based on your unique anatomy and goals.

Before your breast augmentation consultation, it's important to consider the many different factors that may impact your decision. You may want to think about practical considerations like whether you want more proportionate breasts, if you want to look shapelier in form-fitting clothing, or if you want to have more clothing options than you do now. You may also be considering physical changes such as enhancing your natural shape and contours, addressing a reduction of breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy, or increasing the symmetry of your breasts.

Additionally, it's important to make sure you're in good health and at a stable weight. Crash diets won't allow your body to heal as rapidly as it will when you're at your normal and stable weight. Dr. Ingram also advises that you write down all your questions so you can discuss them during your consultation.

At Ingram Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a complimentary consultation to help you make an informed decision about breast augmentation surgery. During the consultation, we will discuss everything you need to know to come up with the best plan for you. We encourage you to bring in pictures of breasts that you find appealing, along with any questions you may have about the procedure.

Our team will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Give us a call today at (615) 431-3710 to schedule your complimentary consultation and take the first step toward achieving your desired look with Dr. Ingram and the team at Ingram Cosmetic Surgery.