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Ingram Cosmetic Surgery proudly provides liposuction to Nashville patients who need a little extra surgical help achieving the body of their dreams.

Have you been spending a lot of time in the gym or focusing on a new diet plan to lose fat, but have not seen much in the form of results? It can be stressful commit to such a strict lifestyle for little in return. With liposuction, we can achieve effective results.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that’s designed to help improve one’s bodily contours by removing unwanted fatty deposits from different areas of the body. The surgery can be customized to address a variety of areas, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, chin, neck, knees, and arms. It can also reduce gynecomastia, or oversized male breasts, for a more masculine chest. It’s important to note that lipo is not considered a weight-loss treatment. While patients will experience some decrease in weight after the procedure, the primary goal of the surgery is to eliminate excess fat.

Most of our patients have thought about undergoing breast augmentation surgery for years before they come to see us. Once they decide to go ahead with the surgery, however, the process is surprisingly simple from their perspective.

After one or two consultations, during which Dr. Ingram and you will discuss exactly how breast augmentation procedures can help you look and feel your best, your breast augmentation surgery itself will require only about one hour in the operating room.

Dr. Ingram will make a small incision (usually about one to two inches long) underneath your breast, in the fold where your breast and chest wall meet.

Then he will insert saline or silicone breast implants either behind your breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle, depending on your body and the look and feel you want after surgery.

After your surgery, sterile dressings will be placed in the operating room, and then you’ll spend a half hour or so in the recovery room, while our staff ensures that you’re completely ready to go home.

You will go home the same day as your procedure, and our patients typically return to work within a few days. We like you to get back to fairly normal activities within the first week, although you will have some restrictions on strenuous upper body activity for two or three weeks following surgery.


When performing lipo, Dr. Ingram’s goal is to strategically remove stubborn deposits of excess fat that have proven to be difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone.

It is capable of addressing specific areas of the body, allowing patients to obtain a fully customized treatment that will address their specific concerns. The results of the procedure have helped many patients obtain a slimmer, more defined body they can carry with confidence.

To develop a better understanding of your potential results, look over our liposuction before-and-after photos.


The liposuction surgery will take place in Dr. Ingram’s Nashville facility. Before it begins, he will mark the areas of your body that will be treated. Next, he will administer an anesthetic to help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

He will make small incisions in the designated areas to gain access to the underlying fat. He’ll remove the fat with delicate instruments and work to recontour the remaining tissues to better fit the new contours of your body.

The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning you will go home the same day of the surgery.


Since liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure, patients who have gone through it should take time off to rest and relax as they recover.

During the recovery period, it is advised that you take time off work and avoid partaking in strenuous physical activities for about two weeks.


When determining the price of surgical body fat removal, many factors are considered. The final cost is affected by anesthesia fees, the amount of fat being removed, the size and location of the treatment areas, and the techniques being used.


The best candidates for liposuction are those who suffer from deposits of stubborn fat that have proven difficult to get rid of on their own.

Dr. Ingram will perform an initial assessment of your body during your consultation and ask you about your medical history to determine if liposuction is a suitable option for you.


Dr. Alton E. Ingram is a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who is dedicated to providing his patients with innovative cosmetic services designed to help them look and feel their absolute best.

If you’re interested in learning more about liposuction in Nashville, contact our office to schedule your initial consultation today.